June 1, 2021

What To Do When Meetings Go Sideways

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Nobody expects IEP meetings to go sideways; yet, discussions over get rhetorical and unproductive.  In today’s episode I am sharing three super practical, easy steps that will help you get discussions back on the right track. 

I take a lot of continuing education classes on negotiation strategy, and I read about the topic a lot.  Therefore, I know formal negotiation strategy in and out.  Of course, I use those strategies in my day to day practice, but sometimes practical, every day strategies are just as successful – if not more!  I’ll talk to you about the benefits of taking a break and what to do during the break.  I’ll also walk you through a few examples of how I reframe my position in a discussion.  And I’ll give you a few examples of questions that I ask specifically to reframe a discussion and get it back on the right track.  

 I also tease a new training that I will be announcing in the Summer of 2021.  You’re not going to want to miss this one!  

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Parents of a child in special education are exhausted. Teachers and school staff are about the busiest professionals in the workforce. Nobody has time for in-person trainings, and thanks to COVID-19, few can safely access in-person trainings right now! 

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Did the school year make you feel even more overwhelmed and confused about what is supposed to happen in special education?  Did you feel even more left out of important conversations about your child?  Are you worried about how you’re going to rechart the course for next school year?  You need Summer School, my 4-part webinar series that will prepare you for the 2021-2022 school year!    Can’t make one or more of the webinars live?  No worries, once you register, you’ll get a link for the recording of any webinar that you miss live after each session.  Registration is NOW open below.