Welcome to the ABCo Library, where you’ll find FREE (“Lite”) and affordable digital downloads (mostly PDFs), workshops (short videos + workbooks), my digital courses, and info about my monthly membership.

Most of the FREE resources have a companion with more detail and guidance that is available for a small fee. If you download the free version and want more, check out the paid version! When I started ABCo, I knew that IEP Teams, especially parents and caregivers, needed:

a) more
b) affordable and
c) readily available information about special education laws, curriculum, and advocacy/ negotiation strategy.

These Resources, my digital courses, and the podcast exist for that very reason! Hope you find them helpful! 

Now, get to downloading!  

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I bundled the Behavior and Inclusion Workshops to provide some savings to you. Buy both (with videos) for $79 or just the workbooks for $45. In just 2.5 hours, you’ll be ready to take over the world!  


Advocacy, Business, Concepts in Special Education

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The Special Education Advocacy Lab

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IEPs 101 for Parents 

Become an Advocate

I have created a couple of digital courses for you. The Lab is the whole reason I created ABCo! I wanted a nuts-and-bolts, start-to-finish “IEPs 101” for parents and caregivers. In this one-day course, I break down the legal concepts (hello, inclusion and eligibility) into plain language, talk about teaching strategies, and provide all sorts of advocacy and communication tips. Struggling to get an IEP? Struggling to get it implemented? Feeling frustrated and overwhelmed? This is for you! The ABC Course is intended to get you started as an Advocate. This course walks you through Advocacy Strategies, Business Concepts, and other nuanced Concepts in Special Education (get it? A, B, C!) in short, power-packed modules. Affordable, comprehensive, and quick- take this course, and your business could be up and running in a couple months’ time!  

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