Welcome to ABClub, your Monthly Membership to All Things Ashley Barlow Co. We know it’s hard to keep up with everything, but we also know how hard you try! That’s why Club exists… We’ll drop content right to your Inbox several times a month. You’ll build your library with digital downloads, dive deeper in monthly videos with me and special guests, and build community in weekly discussion questions, and more!!!!  

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If you’re ready to learn more about special education advocacy to support your family, students, and clients, but you struggle balancing it all (hellllooooo, all of us!), this is for you! Think of Club like a magazine subscription. You don’t have to read a whole book… you get little bite-sized tidbits, dropped right into your Inbox and organized in a tidy app, so you can consume information one Diet Coke at a time.  

And that's why we're doing this.

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Ready to learn more? Here’s what you’ll get: 

Monthly videos with Ashley Barlow or special guests

Monthly digital downloads (guides, checklists, tutorials) 

Community Discussion Board with weekly discussion questions 

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Early podcast episodes 

Discounts on all products at Ashley Barlow Co. 

For a limited time: Access to my IEPs 101 digital course, the Special Education & Advocacy Lab ($117 value) 


Community Discussion Board

A weekly discussion question on the Circle app. These questions will focus on a topic from our Monthly Calendar.

January: Inclusion Workshop 
February: Executive Functioning 
March: Negotiation Strategies 
April: Dyslexia Advocacy 
May: Anxiety/ Emotional Regulation at School 
June: ADHD Advocacy 
July: Functional Behavior Assessments 
August: Universal Design for Learning
September: Behavior Intervention Plans 
October: Transition to Adulthood 
November: Communication at the IEP Table and Beyond 
December: Evaluations and Eligibility 


All regular episodes one week early

Be the first to receive episodes of our podcast, Special Education Advocacy with Ashley Barlow! You’ll get every episode one week early!  

Plus, we’re taking our most popular podcast episodes and boiling them down to checklists, guides, and tutorials and dropping those right in your Inbox. AND we’re delivering the transcripts of the podcasts to your library, too - just in case that makes it more accessible to you. Before you know it, you’ll have an entire library full of answers right at your fingertips. 


Monthly content drop on 15th of each month

My Checklists, Guides, Tutorials, Video Trainings, and Workshops are downloaded by hundreds of people each month. You’ll now be in an exclusive Club that receives at least one NEW download per month. Imagine having a resource library full of Communication Guides, Dyslexia Toolkits, Negotiation Tactics, and Checklists For Eligibility Meetings. Picture yourself preparing for an Annual IEP meeting with all the tools you need to prepare calmly, intentionally, and assuredly. You’ll get at least one downloadable resource per month!  

But wait! There’s more!!! (Sorry, I couldn’t help it!) My nuts-and-bolts, IEPs 101 digital course, The Special Education & Advocacy Lab, has boiled down special education advocacy for over a thousand people in its first two years! We’re all about community here at ABC, and we’ve seen the positive impacts of having a bunch of people that have attended the same training. We feel so strongly about this, in fact, that we are giving each member of the ABClub a subscription to the Lab! Each month of your first year in the Club, you’ll receive one Module of the Lab. In months 11 and 12, you’ll receive the Behavior Workshop and the Inclusion Workshop! This is a value of $147!!!  


Monthly video meet-ups on the 4th Wednesday

On the 4th Wednesday of every month we’ll meet up on live or via recorded videos to have live discussions, hear from guest speakers, or dive deeper into a specific special education topic from our Monthly Calendar.   


10% off New Products 

Yes, yes, I’ll continue to develop new products for sale over at Ashley Barlow Co., and we’ll give you a 10% discount on any new products! Get the courses (yes, the courses) guides, checklists, tutorials, workshops, templates, and bundles at a discount throughout the course of your membership. Yes, this just how excited we are about the ABClub! 

nice to meet you, I'm Ashley!

I'm Obsessed with Helping Parents and Caregivers  Navigate their Advocacy Journey  

Ashley also owns a law firm, Meier & Barlow Law Firm, that focuses on special education, as well as an on-line business, Ashley Barlow Co., which was established to empower IEP team members via a podcast, on-line courses, many other resources. Prior to practicing law, Ashley was a teacher in Jefferson County and Cincinnati Public school systems and a professor at her alma mater, Miami University. Ashley attended Salmon P. Chase College of Law.

When not working, Ashley is normally at the pool with her husband and two sons or grabbing a coffee in her 1975 Volkswagon bus.

“If Ashley Barlow makes it, I want it!”

I’ve taken the Lab, the Inclusion and Behavior Workshops, and all six modules of the ABC Course! I simply cannot get enough! ABClub? Monthly resources? Yes please!”

Dana S. 

“I’m most excited about ABClub, 

because I need gentle reminders to stay informed. I have all the books and follow all the people on social media, but I sit down to learn. I’m looking forward to learning more in small bits! And I can’t wait for live videos with Ashley!

Louie K

This Is For You    

The IEP process has ever driven you crazy! (Hello, me, me!!!) 

You like tidbits of content at a time and maybe need a nudge to stay on top of things!  

You want to be the first to have allllll the advocacy tools!


You desire a community of like-minded friends in similar situations!

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