Introducing ABConsulting!!! Yes, that’s right! You can now hire me to consult with you on your child’s special education matter. Frustrated, tired, confused? I hope I can turn that around for you in a record review and consultation. If you’ve ever wanted to spend 1.5 hours talking to me about your child’s education, now is your chance!  

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Hi, I’m Ashley. I’m a teacher-turned-attorney and mom to two not-so-little boys, one of whom has Down syndrome. I created Ashley Barlow Co. to offer more reasonably priced resources to families in special education, because as a special education attorney, I saw first hand how many families couldn’t afford to hire me. I get really jazzed about special education advocacy – educating parents about the framework of the law, negotiation strategies, communication, … all of it! If I’m not here, I’m probably at the pool (no, for real) or in my kitchen!  

Hi, I'm Ashley, your IEP Consultant

Ready for a change?

Have you ever wished you could just hire an advocate or an attorney to coach you behind the scenes on your special education advocacy journey?  

Do you have questions about broad topics like inclusion, behavior supports, best practices in special education, eligibility or reading?

Do you stay up at night thinking, “Man, if somebody could just send me in the right direction.” or “I wonder if I’m doing this right.”  

Does This Sound Like You?

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I have no idea actually. It’s just not an advocate or an attorney. Why? Because I’m not going to do anything legal for you, and I won’t go to meetings. Rather, I will review a bunch of documentation about your child’s IEP, and then we’ll hop on a Zoom, and we’ll discuss whatever you need. I’ll give you individualized education on any topics that you need. I’ll suggest advocacy strategies and tools. I’ll send you template, guides, checklists, and articles.

What’s an IEP consultant? 

And then I’ll send you on your empowered, enlightened, inspired, excited way so that you can be the badass advocate your child deserves. 

but guess what...

It’s definitely not best for state- or district-specific issues; systemic issues; or anything that involves continuing representation, legal research, or litigation.

Unfortunately, I can’t take everybody for consulting work (you know, I have to sleep at some point), but if you’re interested, get started by completing THIS FORM. We’ll get in touch with you within a few days’ time.

Now, this service isn’t for everybody. It’s really best for people that need help with big, global, broad topics like the ones I mentioned above (inclusion, behavior supports, best practices in special education, eligibility or reading just in case you forgot) and many more.  

Our goal for these meetings is truly to empower you with the information and advocacy strategies you need to take your advocacy to the next (far more effective) level!  

I am not exaggerating when I say that due to Ashley’s help, our relationship with the school changed completely. I went from having zero trust in the administration, to genuinely believing that the entire staff and administration truly had our son’s best interests at heart. I believe that was due in large part to Ashley’s ability to help us humanize our son.



While I know I can always reach out to Ashley for help again, I am much more confident in my communication with my son’s teachers and the school administration now that I have gone through this process with Ashley’s guidance. She has been thoughtful and thorough in helping us develop strategies to make sure that our son’s 504 Plan is working for him and for the school and that has really paved the way for a great working relationship as our son has transitioned into high school.



Thanks to Ashley’s advocacy and ability to create a team approach among parents, students and staff, our son finished middle school with the support of many caring teachers who worked together to help him succeed.



How It Works

Complete the application.

First This

In this service, you’ll upload a your IEP documents and complete a questionnaire for me to review, and I’ll read everything.

Once accepted

We’ll meet for 1.5 hours, and I’ll review the notes from my file review with you. You’ll have plenty of time to ask additional questions, which I’ll address.

then this

So let's get started!

This      for you if:

You have a broad topic to discuss (like inclusion). 

You have a very state- or district-specific issue.  

You just need someone to point you in the right direction.

You want to file a complaint or litigate. 

You’re ready to take your advocacy to the next level. 

It's probably       for you if...

You want an advocate or attorney to “be the face” of your advocacy efforts. 



It's probably
for you if...

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I’ve been where you are. It wasn’t too long ago that I threw my heels in my front yard and sobbed, “They don’t want him” before storming to my room to do legal research on inclusion for an entire weekend. I know how hard it is to learn all the special education laws, processes, teaching methods, and strategies from the ground up – while also parenting a child with a disability. Why work that hard?  Our goal for these meetings is truly to empower you with the information and advocacy strategies you need to take your advocacy to the next (far more effective) level!  

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