September 7, 2020

The 6Ws of the IEP Team Meeting

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Takeaways: Join me as I talk with my husband about the Who, What, When, Where, How and Why of the IEP Meeting

IEP Meetings can be intimidating.  This episode takes the stress out by bringing basic, easily laid out information on what the meetings are, who attends them, why they occur, when they occur, where they are, and how they are scheduled.  Sometimes the meeting is the most intimidating part of advocating for a child with a special education plan.  My husband , Brandon, joins me in this episode as we reflect back on our journey as parents in special education thus far.  He provides information as a parent that’s been at the table.  

Guest Info:

Brandon Barlow is the parent of two awesome boys, one of whom has Down syndrome.  Brandon coaches them in basketball and baseball, loves taking them fishing and golfing, and tolerates the pool, because that’s where they really want to be!  He is Ashley’s husband and definitely balances out her energy!  He works in the financial management industry.  


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Parents of a child in special education are exhausted. Teachers and school staff are about the busiest professionals in the workforce. Nobody has time for in-person trainings, and thanks to COVID-19, few can safely access in-person trainings right now! 

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