January 10, 2022

Tales From the Classroom –  And the Parent’s Desk: A Chat With A Teacher AND a Parent

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SWhat do you want from me?!!!!  That’s what my clients sometimes want to ask of their child’s teachers.  Parents struggle with special education communication.  What do I say?  When do I communicate?  Why does the teacher need some information and not need others?  And do the school people talk themselves?!  In today’s conversation I sit down with my friend, Rebecca Scheerer, a special education teacher who also occupies the role of parents on an IEP team.  Becca answers all of our questions and gives us such important insight into a special education classroom.  Becca is presenting at our 2nd Annual Virtual Special Education & Advocacy Conference on January 22, 2022, and she’ll also give you a preview of her presentation in this episode!


Rebecca Scheerer: For more than ten years, Rebecca has worked as an Intervention Specialist within the public school system in a variety of settings, such as inclusion and co-teaching models, and in a specialized classroom for students with Autism and Behavioral Disabilities. She has held leadership positions as Case Coordinator and member of the Instructional Leadership Team. She recently developed a district-wide Intervention guide as supplemental support for the K-6 English Language Arts curriculum for her district. Prior to that, she held positions in Public Relations and Marketing Communication as an Account Executive and project manager. She earned her Master of Education and Teaching License through Xavier University; completed LETRS reading training; and earned her Bachelor of Arts in Communication from Anderson University in Indiana. She has held positions in the Family Advisory Council for the Department of Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrics at Cincinnati Childrens Hospital and at the Down Syndrome Association of Greater Cincinnati as a Board Member and Governance Committee, She resides in Cincinnati with her husband Josh, and three children, including a child with Down syndrome. 

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