My One Tip for Getting It Done

November 28, 2023

Coming to you live (actually recorded) from my kitchen!!! And my desk. And my bathroom.

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Coming to you live (actually recorded) from my kitchen!!!  And my desk.  And my bathroom.  With an episode on getting it all done!  In today’s episode, which is the second in our Parent Series, I’m giving you one quick tip on how I pay attention to my own needs with a particular strategy.  It has to do with my calendar, and you’re going to want to try it, too!  Maybe this will help you this holiday season or throughout the year.

  • 00:41 The Reality of Multitasking and Self-Perception
  • 03:12 Announcement about the Upcoming Conference
  • 04:52 The Importance of Scheduling Relaxation
  • 10:07 Practical Tips for Scheduling and Self-Care
  • 15:26 Applying Self-Care Strategies During the Holiday Season
  • 16:38 Conclusion and Farewell


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