Meet our Coach, Riss Rothermel

November 21, 2023

Today we welcome our outstanding tutor and Coach, Marissa Rothermel, to the podcast.

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Today we welcome our outstanding tutor and Coach, Marissa Rothermel, to the podcast. Riss excels at providing behavior coaching to parents, and in this episode, she and I dive into what coaching looks like, behavior, support, parenting, ideas, and so, so much more! Riss has an energy that is contagious and uplifting, perfect for a busy holiday week!


In this episode, host Ashley Barlow talks with guest Marissa Rothermel who works as a tutor and behavior consultant. Marissa provides insights regarding the effects of recent world events on children’s behavior and coping mechanisms. They discuss the rise in problematic behavioral patterns, mainly stemming from sensory overload and the lack of healthy coping mechanisms post-pandemic. They also emphasize the importance of starting conversations with children, forming structures at home, and creating a safe environment where children feel loved and valued. Marissa shares tips for parents regarding teaching children about calmness and redirection.

  • 00:00 Introduction and Welcome
  • 00:45 Meet Marissa Rothermel: Special Education and Behavior Enthusiast
  • 01:27 Understanding the Role of a Behavior Consultant
  • 02:20 The Importance of Collaboration in Special Education
  • 02:50 Marissa’s Professional Background and Experience
  • 04:29 The Business Aspect of Special Education
  • 06:22 The Importance of Understanding Student Behavior
  • 06:48 The Initial Steps in Addressing Behavioral Issues
  • 08:15 The Role of Sensory Integration in Classroom Behavior
  • 10:48 The Importance of Building Trust and Relationships
  • 11:10 The Concept of ‘Be the Cookie’: Building Bonds with Students
  • 15:39 The Importance of Feeling Loved and Safe in School
  • 17:29 Understanding the Purpose Behind Every Behavior
  • 19:15 Discussing Client Strategies
  • 19:50 Personal Anecdotes and Reflections
  • 20:20 Coping Skills and Sensory Processing
  • 21:17 Parenting Challenges and Humorous Moments
  • 22:52 Impact of Trauma on Behavior
  • 23:41 Effects of Screen Time and Lack of Resilience
  • 24:21 Teaching Social Skills and Coping Mechanisms
  • 28:37 Impact of Pandemic on Education and Development
  • 30:09 Practical Tips for Parents
  • 35:44 Closing Remarks and Contact Information

Transcript: https://share.descript.com/view/hLIzqQPswm3

Connect with Riss:

Marissa “Riss” Rothermel, MS. Ed. was raised and educated in New York State (Albany area) and currently holds several special education licenses and certifications in states across the US. She is passionate about helping students get their needs met and growing as individuals, while encouraging and supporting family involvement. Riss has been a special educator for over 15 years and specializes in behavior support, as well as supports for nonverbal learners. Her special interest areas also include virtual education, music in education, and sensory support. In conjunction with ABCo., Riss offers Behavior Foundations consultation – working with families to support behavior needs in the school and home setting, developing plans and support documents, and meeting with teams to discuss behavior intervention strategy. When dealing with challenging, surprising, or confusing behaviors, let Riss help you navigate your approach!

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