Learn About Evaluations From School-Psych-Turned-Advocate, Erin Mahaffey

July 12, 2021

If you have a child in special education, you have undoubtedly Received an educational evaluation.

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If you have a child in special education, you have undoubtedly Received an educational evaluation. If you have received an educational evaluation, you have undoubtedly been confused, frustrated, and maybe even downright mad. If you have been confused, frustrated, or mad During an IEP meeting, you know how quickly a meeting can go sideways. And if you have been in a sideways meeting, you probably know the impact that can have on a child. If you have followed this Give a Mouse a Cookie example, you will want to listen to this weeks podcast!

We are talking evaluations in this week’s episode, and we are going straight to the horse‘s mouth! That’s right, in this episode a talk to Erin Mahaffey, licensed school psychologist and special education advocate.  If you get your child’s evaluation and promptly stick it in a file or delete the email, I promise that Erin will not only convince you to read it but also help you understand what to do with it! We also talk about other ways school psychologists can help children on IEP‘s, effective advocacy strategies, and so, so much more! When I hung up with Erin, I told her that this episode was in my Top 3 favorite episodes yet!  It’s just that good!  (Tag Education with Erin), I’m sorry I called you a horse!!!

Learn more about our guest: Erin Mahaffey, M.Ed., Ed.S., NCSP, is a mother, current parent advocate at ‘Education with Erin’, trained school psychologist, and a military spouse. She has experience advocating for parents and students through the special education process, has completed hundreds of psychological and educational assessments for special education eligibility, and has worked in two different states as a school psychologist. In addition to her advocacy work with parents, she enjoys providing coaching sessions to students so they can better understand their strengths and weaknesses to promote strong self-advocacy skills. 

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