October 4, 2021

Chatting with Military Mom, Advocate, Special Educator, Carla Wyrsch

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Some people are just extraordinary at their jobs!  I can’t wait for you to meet Military Mom, Special Education Advocate, and Teacher Carla Wyrsch.  She’s a true student of teaching methodologies and advocacy, and when she sees a problem, she faces it head on.  In today’s episode, Carla talks about an issue she has researched so much, one that affects thousands of Americans- access to special education services for our military families.  We’ll talk eligibility, services, lifestyle, and more; and along the way, Carla shares so many resources!  This may be the episode with the longest show notes, because she references so many wonderful organizations!  

Meet My Guest:

Carla is a Marine Corps’ spouse and mother of two. She has devoted her career to educating and advocating for children with disABILITIES. After graduating from college, she took a nontraditional path in education, working at a residential treatment facility for children, the Cleveland Clinic Children’s Learner School for Autism, and then aboard several military installations before making her way back into the classroom where she taught children with autism and other developmental disabilities. Currently, she is a substitute teacher in Iwakuni, Japan, and a contributor for Partners in PROMISE (PiP), a non-profit that is working to protect the rights of military children in special education. In addition to contributing to PiP, Carla also contributes and reviews articles and resources for the Organization for Autism Research.

Links Mentioned:

Jordyn’s Tshirt Project

Exceptional Family Member Program

Organization for Autism Research

Partners in PROMISE

School Liaison


Pete Wright- Military Special Education

DoDEA Special Ed

DoDEA Companion Mannual

DoDEA Special Ed Handbook

Specialized training of Military Parents (STOMP)

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