December 14, 2020

Caring for the Caregiver: Mind, Body, and Spirit

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The second I met Kara Ryska, I knew I wanted to share her wisdom with you.  Kara is a Life Coach that specializes in helping mothers that are raising children with special needs. The mother of a child with a brain tumor and secondary diagnosis, Kara knows first hand what it is like to manage all of the doctors’ appointments, therapies, school meetings, special instructions for child care, and the like. Her own experiences led her to her career as a Life Coach , and talking to her is like drinking a warm cup of hot chocolate! 

In today’s episode Kara and I talk about why it is so important for parents of children with disabilities to care for themselves . Kara describes it from the standpoint of the mind, the body, and the spirit. I promise you that you will not want to miss this episode, particularly as we conquer two of the most stressful weeks of the school year and the beginning of a new semester. 

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Meet My Guest: Kara Ryska

Kara is momma to three boys and one little girl, ranging from 13 to 3.  Her mission is to coach women who are impacted by the special needs of their children and feel stuck, overwhelmed and anxious.  As she coaches women in professional advancement, relationships, and finding their jive again she notices that it often comes back to the same conversation.  They really just want to be a good mom and feel happy again. (or feel happy with their life)

In 2011, Kara became a mom to a special needs child as she and her husband received the crushing diagnosis of  huge and horrible tumor in her then 2 year old’s brain.  

Kara became a Life Coach, not because she’s now mastered her life and wants to tell you how to do yours (what most everybody thinks a life coach does) but because she loves partnering with women who are asking for more from themselves and for their lives.  

Kara is certified as a coach through the International Coaches Federation and through her years of coaching has developed tools to specially support women up against immovable and impossible circumstances.  She also hosts the Special Needs Mom Podcast.  

Her website is

Instagram is @kararyksa 

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