Adding Empathy to Discussions at the IEP Table

March 29, 2021

“How can a heart understand the pain of another heart and still do nothing?” -Harshada Pathare.

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“How can a heart understand the pain of another heart and still do nothing?” -Harshada Pathare.

I’m constantly asked by parents, “Why can’t they just do what the law says?”  My response is often, “Well, they should do what the law says, but if they do it because they’re told, it won’t be done well.  The real magic happens when they follow the law, because they care.”  Today’s episode is about empathy, which creates the buy-in from IEP team members that parents want and students deserve.

We’ll talk about empathy in the context of behavior, school refusal, and inclusion cases specifically.  I’ll also share a few of my experiences, both as a parent and as an educator, that will help you understand why it’s important to be vulnerable and to share your child’s experiences to enhance the awareness and real understanding of the adults in charge of executing your child’s IEP.

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