Ready Set Goals!!!

February 7, 2022

Ready, Set, Goals!!!  Special Education puns. 

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Ready, Set, Goals!!!  Special Education puns.  That’s how low I am willing to sink for a podcast title.  Sorry, not sorry.  In today’s episode I’m giving you the ten-minute ditty on why we have goals in special education.  We won’t spend a ton of time talking about how to write goals, elements of a good goal, progress monitoring, or other nitty gritty goal topics.  Rather, we’re zooming out to talk about the “intent” of the goal… the reason the goal is a part of the IEP.  I think this critical piece of information helps my clients conceptualize the process of goal writing.  In weeks to come, I’ll get you the nitty gritty, too, because I know you want that!!!  Now, what’s your favorite Special Education Pun?!  

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