September 13, 2021

Losing the Loneliness as a Parent in the Disability Community: Lessons of a Life Coach Who’s Been Where You Are

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“When we believe that we are in control, it adds to the chaos.”  Oh man, friends!  You’re in for a big treat in this Tina B., life coach and parent in our big, beautiful disability community, delivers life lessons through storytelling.  Today we wrap up our 3-part series with Tina with an episode on Losing the Loneliness.  Even though you feel like you may never be alone, you also have undoubtedly experienced loneliness as a parent of a child with a disability.  Do the other parents know how it feels when yours is the child that can’t read?  Do they really understand that we can’t make the happy hour, because we have OT?  We don’t *want* to go to OT, but we know the many benefits of OT, the routine, etc.  Would they even want to listen to us?  Tina has been such a gift to the podcast, and today’s lesson, the fine one in my anniversary gift to you, is a good one!  Enjoy, friends!  Thanks for your support over the last year!  Here’s to another wonderful year here at ABCo.  

Meet My Guest: 

Tina Beauvais

Hey there! I’m Tina Beauvais I am a Disability Inclusion Educator on a mission to teach students and parents how they can be more inclusive. I also Coach Mamas of kids with Disabilities, teaching them how to reclaim their unique story of Motherhood.

This mission is close to my heart because my daughter Noel is diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy; I don’t know Motherhood without tubes and trials.

We have a big beautiful blended family of 5 kids total. My husband Dustin and I have been married for 11 years; we’re a fun loving family always up for adventure!

I like to say:
“Integration is having a seat at the table, inclusion is having a voice and friends at the table; let’s just say that if a food fight breaks out every child should be able to participate, even the ones who need help throwing the mashed potatoes!”

Tina also sells beautifully created merchandise at Be Kind Live Kind and promotes inclusive practices on Instagram at @tinab_disabilityinclusioned.  

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