October 25, 2021

“How do you do your job?  How do I get a job doing this?” 

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“How do you do your job?  How do I get a job doing this?”  If I had a dollar for every time I’ve been asked this question, well, as BNL would say, I’d be rich!!!  In today’s episode, I walk you though the common paths that people take to start on a journey in special education, some of the personality traits that are important to channel as a special education advocate, and also trainings that are available to enter the field of special education advocacy!  Of course, I’ll give you plenty of information about my course, Advocacy, Business, & Concepts in Special Education, which I do think is an excellent course to help you get established and grow as special education advocates.  Registration closes this weekend, so pop up to the link in bio for info on my course today!

Free Masterclass: https://7simplesolutions.ashleybarlowco.com/

Advocacy, Business, Concepts in Special Education Course: https://abc.ashleybarlowco.com/

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Part 03: The 6W's of the Ashley Barlow Co - The Who

Calling all parents, teachers, school staff, self advocates, disability organization staff, doctors, therapists, coaches, tutors, grandparents, babysitters, community organization staff, volunteers, … Calling anyone that supports a student with a disability!!!


Parents of a child in special education are exhausted. Teachers and school staff are about the busiest professionals in the workforce. Nobody has time for in-person trainings, and thanks to COVID-19, few can safely access in-person trainings right now! 

Part 05: The 6W's of the Ashley Barlow Co - The how

How’s this all going to work? This is the great part. You don’t need to worry about how the content will arrive, especially if you join my mailing list (link in bio), like me on Facebook and Youtube, follow me on Instagram, and subscribe to the podcast.