January 19, 2022

Community Organizations: A How To….

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We talk about community a lot over here at ABCo. In this bonus episode, I chat with Angela Tyszka, advocate and speaker at this year’s SEA Conference. Angela has worked in universities, elementary, middle, and high schools; and she has extensive experience in participating in and organizing parent support organizations. We chat about the importance of this groups, as well as how to get involved and even start them. Plus, you’ll get a preview of Angela’s presentation for the Conference.


Angela Tyskza: Angela Tyszka has almost 20 years of experience advocating for student with disabilities in both a personal and professional capacity. She received a B.S. in Community Development and an M.S.A. in Leadership from Central Michigan University. After college she spent 14 years working in student services at Thomas M. Cooley Law School, with seven of those as a disability services coordinator. As the parent of two children with IEPs, she has devoted much of her time volunteering for various parent organizations. She is on the executive board of her local Parent Advisory Committee (PAC), and was the committee chair for the last two years. She also helped create and facilitate a parent resource and support group for her local school district.In 2021 she founded MI Student Advocacy Services LLC, a special education advocacy and consulting business focused on educating and representing families in the special education process. She recently joined the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates (COPAA) and the Michigan Parent Advocate and Attorney Coalition (MIPACC).

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