A Picture of Worth 1000 Words: Progress Monitoring Visuals

November 14, 2022

You keep the data.  You report the data.  You’re all about the data.

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You keep the data.  You report the data.  You’re all about the data.  But they still don’t listen!  Have you ever tried to capitulate your child’s data in a chart or graph?  This simple advocacy strategy can be super helpful and might just make a difference in your child’s next IEP meeting.  In today’s episode I’ll walk you through an Excel tutorial… wait!  I promise it’ll be helpful!  And it won’t be terribly painful.  Welcome back!  Okay, I’ll show you how to use Excel to paint the picture of your child’s progress- or lack thereof- in a way that might finally get to the other IEP team members.  One note: I do share my screen, so if you normally listen via audio only, you may choose to use YouTube this week! 

Transcript: https://share.descript.com/view/U32gafxefxf

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