Busting Burn Out at Schools with Brent Duka

What’s woodworking have to do with education?  What’s teaching have to do with mental health?  What do woodworking, teacher, mental health, and darn good people have in common?  Brent Duka, that’s what! 

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Today we wrap up the COPAA series with a really great conversation with David Jefferson, the President of the Board of Directors.

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If you’ve ever wanted to crawl inside my brain to have a conversation on special education advocacy, law, and practice, here’s your chance.

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Today we roll out a new series on the podcast called COPAA Conversations by chatting with Denise Marshall, the CEO of the Council of Parents, Attorneys, and Advocates.

Ever feel like you need to up the ante on your Negotiation but feel stuck in how to do that?

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We’ve all been there. The IEP Meeting is going well. Everyone is smiling, the computer system is working, the child is making progress. Then…

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One of my most favorite and successful strategies has very little to do with negotiation strategy.