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Get ready to unlock the secrets of special education advocacy with us. At Ashley Barlow Co. we're your go-to source for practical tips, negotiation strategies, and plain-English explanations of federal special education laws.

Explore how to navigate IEPs, master advocacy skills, and understand your rights—all in one place. Let's empower your child's education journey together!

First, take a deep breath.  We're in this together.

hey friend.

I'm ashley!

I'm here to empower and inspire parents and educators to become effective advocates through collaboration, education, and support.


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The time to start thinking about the Transition to Adulthood is Yesterday.

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In today’s episode we talk about six things I think you should have, know, analyze, and ask prior to writing annual IEP goals.

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Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had someone else to build your IEP Binder?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you had someone else to build your IEP Binder?

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My Facebook memories have been making me feel guilty as of late.

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At this year’s COPAA conference I met attorney, Lisa Hernandez, at the coffee bar, and in about 3 sentences, she blew my mind on the topic of employment of people with disabilities.

Advocacy, Business, Concepts in Special Education

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Introducing ABConsulting!!! Yes, that’s right! You can now hire me to consult with you on your child’s special education matter. Frustrated, tired, confused? I hope I can turn that around for you in a record review and consultation. If you’ve ever wanted to spend 1.5 hours talking to me about your child’s education, now is your chance!  

Is it time that you did that thing?

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