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Hi!  Welcome!  First, take a deep breath.  I know that you’re feeling anxious, concerned and exhausted by the thought of supporting your special education students this school year.  This business has been in my heart for several years, and I’m so excited to share it with you soon.  There are 7.1 million children on IEPs in the United States, which means that there are so many parents, teachers, instructional assistants, doctors, therapists, disability organizations, and community support organizations that need information on special education law, advocacy, and best practices.  Whether you’re looking for basic special education advocacy training videos or really detailed information on a specific disability or best practice, you’ll find it here!  I’m even working hard on a specific course to help you through the unknowns of the 2020-2021 school year!  It’s going to be good, so have a seat, pour a cup of coffee, and know that I’ve got this.  It’ll be ready soon!!!



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I'm here to empower parents and educators to become advocates and teachers, through collaboration, education, and support.


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Don’t stress before your annual IEP meeting. I’ve got three simple tips that will help you prepare and feel calm before your meeting!

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It’s IEP Season, and that can only mean one thing.  Parents in special education are freaking out!!!! 

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Chances are you’ve experienced the Unexpected, and if you’ve stuck around here in the make-lemonade place that I’ve created, you have probably embraced the Unexpected as a Gift.

In today’s episode we talk with Olivier and Hilda Bernier about their documentary, Forget Me Not, and man alive, are your advocacy bones going to tremble! 

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What’s woodworking have to do with education?  What’s teaching have to do with mental health?  What do woodworking, teacher, mental health, and darn good people have in common?  Brent Duka, that’s what! 

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Dr. Annie McLaughlin joins us today to talk about behavior supports at school.  We’ll learn what behavior analysts do, how they work in schools, and how the involvement of a behavioral analyst can be an asset in an IEP team. 

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Part 03: The 6W's of the Ashley Barlow Co - The Who

Calling all parents, teachers, school staff, self advocates, disability organization staff, doctors, therapists, coaches, tutors, grandparents, babysitters, community organization staff, volunteers, … Calling anyone that supports a student with a disability!!!


Parents of a child in special education are exhausted. Teachers and school staff are about the busiest professionals in the workforce. Nobody has time for in-person trainings, and thanks to COVID-19, few can safely access in-person trainings right now! 

Part 05: The 6W's of the Ashley Barlow Co - The how

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Introducing ABConsulting!!! Yes, that’s right! You can now hire me to consult with you on your child’s special education matter. Frustrated, tired, confused? I hope I can turn that around for you in a record review and consultation. If you’ve ever wanted to spend 1.5 hours talking to me about your child’s education, now is your chance!  

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Ever thought of being a special education advocate? Introducing Advocacy, Business, and Concepts in Special Education.   

I’ve taken everything I’ve learned as a special education attorney and business owner and condensed it into a scalable yet thorough course that covers everything you need to take the leap – advocacy strategies, business development and operation tips, and closer looks at topics in special education content.

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Steal My Back To School Shopping List

Water Bottles and Flash cards and Granola Bars! Oh My!!! My kids went Back to School this week, which means it’s go time! You know I’m a planner, and if there’s one thing I love, it’s a fresh beginning. This time of year energizes me, forcing me to get organized and allowing the structure to get back on track with things like meal prepping. As I perused Amazon for everything we needed to start the year off right, I thought that I should share our list!